Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Stacked Breakfast Sliders

I love breakfast sandwiches. Easy for busy mornings, grab and go and I can eat them on the way to take kids to school or while folding laundry or whatever other multi-tasking I have to do that day! Breakfast is definintely the most important meal of the day and kick starting mine with a good balance of protein, carbs & fat keeps me full and going until lunch. I have two awesome products that help me to get my breakfast in everyday.

Large sandwiches can contain a monstrosity of calories (even a McDonald's Egg McMuffin is 300 calories!) and they're messy and hard to carry. So the first weapon in my morning arsenal are these Flat Out  Fold-It Sliders. Each slider fold out is only 47 calories and fits in the palm of your hand

The second item in my morning arsenal is this egg-cellent pan. HAHA. It's called an "Omelet Ease" and my husband bought it several years ago because I LOVE kitchen gadgets. Little did he know how much it would actually get used. This makes perfect sized little round, fluffy egg omelets that fit great on a bagel or english muffin if you DO want a larger sandwich, but for today's recipe I cut it in 4ths. A great little investment to make breakfast easier and fun.

Stacked Breakfast Sliders = 220 calories for 2 sliders, 25.5 protein, 6.2 fat, 18.2 carbs
2 pieces Flat Out Fold-it Sliders
2 egg whites
2 slices canadian bacon
1 slice low fat swiss cheese
2 slices tomato
Salt & pepper to taste

Turn oven to broil and toast sliders under just slightly golden.
Whip egg whites together in bowl with salt & pepper then pour into omelet pan.
Top egg with 1 slice canadian bacon (it will sink to the bottom) Cook over medium heat about 2 minutes then flip pan.
Open pan and add 2nd piece of bacon to top of half cooked egg. Close pan and continue cooking about another minute.
Open pan and top Omelet with cheese. Close pan again and allow cheese to melt for 30-45 seconds.
Slide omelet out of pan and slice into 4 pieces
Top each slider bottom with two slices of omelet and a slice of tomato
Add slider top & enjoy!

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  1. I added the egg thing to my amazon wish list ;)