Saturday, March 31, 2012

My turn, I guess

My name is Meredith and I have been overweight ever since I had a baby. Seven years ago.
I put on 60 pounds when I was pregnant with my son, lost 40, gained that 40 back when pregnant with my daughter (at least I didn't gain 60 again!), lost 35, and started the 2010 school year around 165.

My major barriers to making it further with my weight loss (which has been a constant struggle) are emotional/stress/boredom eating as well as a hypothyroid condition, which I take medication for daily. I know half the world has low thyroid and I refuse to make that an excuse, but it does seem to make things harder.

Making time to exercise has also been a difficulty (I mean, I already get up at 5 to work every morning!) but I realized this week that my youngest is now 3 and can be told, "I'm going to exercise right now, why don't you watch Dora or look at books or play a game with your brother" and this usually works. I am proud to say that I have worked out on the treadmill 5 out of the last 7 days since my husband helped me move it out into the office/playroom. I CAN and WILL exercise after work each day!

So my new weapons in this fight are MyFitnessPal and a new commitment to exercise. Friend me on MyFitnessPal-- my username is Mooneymer.

I am confident that journaling plus working out are going to give me good results. I am also on my feet nearly all the time at work, since I am an elementary music teacher, so my metabolic profile is "Lightly Active."

I am 5'5" and a size 12 or 14 depending on the brand. I want to be a 10 and eventually an 8.
I also hope to go down a cup size in all this. Hope that's not TMI! :)

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