Saturday, September 1, 2012

Set-backs are bound to happen

I had 3 weeks between the end of my co-op and the beginning of school. My goal was to kill my WOD's and go jogging at Meyer Park every day and come off those 3 weeks stronger than ever. My back had a different idea. My first WOD after finishing at JSC was reps of hang-cleans and jerks. I was lifting too heavy and shifted the weight too far forward in my feet and my back didn't like it. 

My sacroiliac joint was out. I had to ice my back. I could barely move. Working out wasn't an option. I went to the chiropractor and had my back adjusted. I still could barely move. Off to the chiropractor again. I started feeling better. I asked the chiropractor if it was okay to still go visit my grandparents in Florida and she said yes, but to take it easy. 

Our visit with Grandma and Grandpa was wonderful and on the way home we stopped at DisneyWorld and visited the Magic Kingdom. AWESOME!!!! I highly recommend it. Even big kids can enjoy Disney. We walked all day and at the end of the day my feet were killing me. My feet were still killing me the entire drive back to Houston. 

The morning after I got back, I was standing up from the sofa and that is when I felt it. My back twisted again and I was in major pain. I immediately put the ice pack on my back and took and Aleve, but it was too late. I made another appointment with the chiropractor and she said that it was the same injury flared back up again. :( I couldn't move again and I was in some serious pain. I had to visit the chiropractor again and finally I started to feel normal again. 

While I was sitting on an ice pack all week drugged up on anti-inflammatories, I watched Downton Abbey. I'm addicted.

Finally, I'm back in College Station and finishing up my final semester. I asked the chiropractor if it was okay to start working out again and she said yes as long as I took it easy. I've signed up at Boomfit (College Station's CrossFit). I'm lifting light and not pushing myself too hard, but OMG it's crazy how much of a set-back my back injury was. My muscles are so tight and after the first couple of WOD's, I'm crazy sore. I'm going to have to work back up to where I was before I hurt my back.