Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Upper Body Workout

During the day, I'm either sitting in class or sitting in the computer lab while I study, so you can see that I don't have much going on in the calorie burning department.I've been going on walks/jogs every evening to keep my body moving This past week I've been averaging 2-4 mile walks with about 1/2 mile jogs mixed in. (I was very happy when I jogged an entire continuous mile!)

Tonight the weather didn't cooperate when I wanted to go on a walk, so my boyfriend and I decided to work on our upper bodies.

In 60 second intervals we did the following sequence: (don't forget to stretch first!)

1) Small forward shoulder rolls
2) Large forward shoulder rolls
3) Small backward shoulder rolls
4) Large backward shoulder rolls
5) 30 second pot stirs on each arm (bend over at the waist and drop your arms to the floor and rotate) this loosens up your shoulders.
6) Push-ups
7) Hammer curls with weights
8) Tricep curls with right arm
9) Tricep curls with left arm
10) Standing abs (stand with your hands behind your head and bring your left knee up to meet your right elbow while you rotate. then switch. use your abs to bring your knees up.)
11) 60 second plank

Rest for 1 minute then repeat the entire sequence. It doesn't look like much, but it KILLS (especially if you haven't worked your arms in a while). Make sure to stretch when you are done.

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