Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Six-week [Paleo] Nutrition Challenge

My CrossFit box is doing a six-week paleo nutrition challenge.

MY Weight Goal:
Lose 5 pounds

My Fitness Goals:
1) 8 65# unbroken thrusters
2) 195# deadlift
3) 100# clean & jerk

My partner for the nutrition challenge - Karrie

- you MUST eat paleo approved foods (zone portions or not).  refer to www.crossfit1525.com under the pages “nutrition information” and “paleo resources” for information.  If you need guidance, email me or ask anyone at the box.  we have a ton of paleo-info-laden ninjas.
- 2 cheat MEALS per week
- alcohol limited to cheat meals - if you drink alcohol, you should do it with your cheat meal because if you drink, cheat food or not, it counts as a cheat.  calorically and metabolically it is in the same category as a slice of pie ;).  sorry.
- take a “before” picture of yourself or have someone take it for you and save it.  you will take an “after” picture and send them both to me at the end of the challenge
- pick 3 performance based goals.  what is it that you really want to be able to do in CrossFit?  we can help you figure those goals out if you aren’t sure.  10 double unders in a row, 3 kipping pull ups, a certain # on a lift, a certain time or reduction of time on a run or row.  those are examples.  these have to be realistically attainable in a 6-week period so don’t be nuts.
- ongoing team email discussions, intended for support and guidance.  please email a minimum of 3 days worth of all foods and drinks consumed to your team partner.  team members will critique and offer guidance to make sure you are both on the right track.  
- email  when you take any of the 2 cheat meals and what you had (this is for fun).  if you forgo cheat meals, indicate it in your weekly point report
- work on goals in addition to or as a replacement for the daily “after party”.  when you are ready to attempt a listed goal, please have a coach verify.  email your partner that you have achieved the goal, what it was and who witnessed it.
- wod at the box or do a fitness activity outside of 1525.  email your partner with what you did.
- submit a combined (yours and your partner’s) weekly total of points each Sunday to me at crossfit1525@gmail.com

Nutrition Challenge Point Scale - points are per person
+1 WOD at the box (max = 1 per day)
+1 exercise away from the box  (any, including strength, endurance or metcon or another type of exercise like yoga, etc.) away from box (1 per day)
Only one of the 3 following can be taken:
+2 for clean eating for the week with 2 allowed **cheat meals**
+3 for clean eating for the week with only  1 cheat meal
+6 for clean eating for the week with  NO CHEAT MEAL
+5 for each of the 3 goals achieved throughout and up to end of challenge (coach witnessed)
+2 meeting weight based goal (gain, lose or remain)
-2 for drinking alcohol aside from 2 specified cheat meals
-3 points for each cheat meal in excess of the 2 allowed per week
-5 no before/after picture submitted

**cheat meal** defined:  each person is allowed TWO cheat meals (not DAYS) per week.  A cheat meal may include alcohol.  The 2 cheat meals can occur on the same day or at any point during the week.

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