Tuesday, July 23, 2013

I took a week off from Paleo and look what happened...

Bonnie is not impressed
I thought that taking a week off between Paleo challenges would be a good idea so that I could get any food cravings out of my system. Definitely not a good idea. You know that phrase "all things in moderation"... um... yeah. I learned that one the hard way. It's funny how something I should already know I can totally forget overnight.

Also, I took the week off of CrossFit to rest my back. So eating like crap + not working out = getting fat again. :( 

I kind of went crazy last week. 
  • Lone Star Burger from Red Robin (yumm!)
  • Pasta from Buca di Bepo
  • Pizza from Dominos x2
  • Vietnamese food from Tai Kee
  • Tex Mex from Molinas
  • Chili-Cheese Burger from Tookies
  • Breakfast Taquito and hash browns from Whataburger
  • Bahama Bucks
  • Sno-Cone Express

Banana Colada/Jamaican Punch with Cream Sno-Cone

One or two of those would have been okay, but I had TEN cheat meals in one week. That is double what I had the previous six weeks. My stomach was upset and my face broke out. NEVER AGAIN!

Go watch "Hungry for Change" on Netflix. Then you'll see why I was doing this in the first place.

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  1. Sounds like my week off Crossfit and being paleo :(