Friday, July 27, 2012


It's been a while since I've updated anything on the blog (mostly because everyone who reads the blog is also on facebook and sees my updates over there...)

Anyway, I'm down 20 pounds and I'm so excited. Of course, I have my up and down days. Sometimes I get frustrated because compare my weight loss to other people's weight loss. I'm constantly reminding myself that everyone is different and I should be happy that I've lost 20 pounds.

I'm a lot more confident with my body now. Check out my picture. I'm wearing shorts!!! Also, that's 125 pounds I'm deadlifting. I couldn't do that a month ago. :) Another thing I've noticed is that I like my arms now. Before I thought they were so floppy, but now they are getting toned. My face is thinning out and my belly is getting flatter.

In addition, I've learned to eat cleaner. I have found some great recipes online that have helped me stick with  it (because we all know that eating the same thing over and over gets boring!). I snack on fresh veggies all day and I'm constantly drinking water (as well as constantly using the little girls room)

I've noticed that in addition to looking better, I've added more fitness goals. I want to be able to lift more or run farther.

I'm not going to make my weight goal that I originally set for the end of the summer, but that okay. I've moved it to October 31st. I can wear some sexy outfit for halloween.

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